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Price 23.00
Availability: To order within 3 days
Cover type:
Phone model:
Product code: Rainbow
Producer: MYMAME s.r.o.
Warranty: 24 mesiacov

All covers we offer are manufactured by our partner, MYMAME Ltd., manually using unique technology. The cover is always made after receiving a specific order, so your cover was really made for you. Roofers are produced here in Slovakia, Bratislava. No China. We are happy with all the positive feedback that the covers are not only beautiful, but you really praise the high quality! That's what we wanted! If you order the shockproof version (TOUGH), don't worry if the phone gets harder to fit into the cover, feel free to push and when it sits, you'll understand why it may have gone so hard. The point is that the more the cover adheres, the more it protects the phone. The mobile will be REALLY OK and it has been confirmed by many glowing people, whether the other risk group, i. people with small children. That he will survive every fall! Also repeatedly. In addition, the covers are made of recyclable material and it warms us at heart. Like the machine in which we bake them for you with love.

Both Snap and Tough can be made in matt or glossy finish. You will be able to specify your selection when ordering the product.